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Reflections - A Symbol of Strength

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

I had the most wonderful experience this week. I spent a day this week taking family photo's and noticed the gorgeous trees in the background. The magnificence of these trees instantly flooded my day with positivity. I am grateful for the beauty they provided to my family photos as well!

The Southern Live Oak is a beautiful species of tree. When you take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you, you become alive injected with enegry from that wonder around you.

The live oak was used in the War of 1812 as the hull for many ships. The hull was so strong and tough that the cannon balls of the British ships bounced right off. They are considered a southern "Symbol of Strength".

Live Oak trees remain green and "alive" all year long. They are able to grow in a variety of soil types and locations such as forests, schools, parking lots and gardens. They can even grow by oceans. Often they support epiphytic plants like Spanish Moss giving them even more character.

The Angel Oak is a historical Live Oak located near John's Island, South Carolina. It is estimated to be over 1500 years old with a hiegh of 65 feet and a diameter spread of 160 feet. AMAZING!

Anywho - don't forget to stop- and smell the roses...or in this case the Live Oak Trees.

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