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Christmas Bucket List And Some Jokes Too!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The holidays always seem to sneak up on me. No matter how hard I try to be organized I feel overwhelmed with so many things to do. I remember, oh crap, the kids need a Secret Santa gift, or a Toys for Tots gift I forgot to buy. Shoot, I forgot to grab the drinks I signed up on Sign Up Genius for the school party, and the Angel Tree gift needs to be wrapped and tagged. The anxiety grows and I muddle through, then it’s over. I am exhausted and before I know it, I’m taking down the decorations. Poof it went as fast as it came, and I don’t even remember it.

I WANT TO ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS! Soooooo, I decided to create a holiday bucket list and I am forcing myself to stick to it. I have listed some ideas below. If you’d like to throw caution to the wind and enjoy your holiday too – download the free template I’ve provided and create your own bucket list for you and your family too!

Click to Download Christmas Bucket List Template

1) Connect with an old friend who lives out of town – Set up a zoom call to chat and have a glass of wine, or better yet find some time to get together in person.

2) Read aloud – Choose a family friendly Christmas book and read a chapter each night of the month!

3) Christmas Movie Night – Choose a holiday movie, baked movie themed cookies, pop popcorn and wear your Christmas jammies. Cuddle up on the couch by a warm fire and enjoy.

4) Gingerbread House Contest – Each family member makes their own gingerbread house. Post the pictures on social media and ask people to vote on their favorite. The winner gets a prize!

5) Christmas Playlist – Better than a mixed tape, right? Create a playlist on your phone or on pandora with your favorite Christmas tunes. Play that puppy on full blast each night while you’re cooking dinner.

6) Homemade Hot Chocolate – YUMMY! Make a special treat one night and make some homemade hot chocolate. You can do it in the crockpot – super easy. Have some whipped cream, sprinkle toppings and marshmallows to throw in. Oh, and don’t forget the candy cane sticks.

7) DON’T DO THE ELF – That’s right…lol! Skip the elf, start a new tradition 😊 Okay do the elf if you want to!

8) Christmas Light Tour – Take a drive around town and look at everyone’s Christmas lights, of course while blasting your Christmas playlist in the car.

9) Christmas Ornament Notes – Cut out red and green circles that look like Christmas ornaments. Each night throughout the month of December - write something nice on the ornament and hang in the door for your kids or significant other. Simple notes like, I love you, your beautiful, your smart, your funny…whatever nice things you want to tell them.

10) Homemade Secret Santa – Okay so I know I talked about the stress of Secret Santa, but this one is different. On a piece of paper write down the names of all the people that live in your house. But them in a hat and draw names. Each person needs to handmake a gift for the person whose name they drew. Give the gifts to each other on Christmas Eve.

11) Holiday Show – Go see the nutcracker, or some other show in your local theater for Christmas.

12) Ice Skating – Basically just what it says, go ice skating. Preferably somewhere outside with a Christmas tree.

13) Clean out the closet – Donate your old jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets to the local shelter.

14) Caroling – How fun! I am not sure that anyone would like to hear me sing, but I do love caroling.

15) Random Act of Kindness – Do something kind anonymously for someone else.

16) Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater – coordinate with your family and everyone wear an ugly Christmas sweater to work or school on the same day. Don’t forget to take a picture and post on social media, because let’s be honest if it isn’t on social media – did it really happen? Lol!

17) Just Sit – Yep that’s right! Take some time to sit still and do absolutely nothing. You can wear a Santa hat to make it Christmassy.

18) Mistletoe – Kiss someone under the mistletoe. Pucker up!

19) Play a game – Choose a game and play one night after dinner, even if it is only for 30 minutes. My family loves Jenga!

20) Porch Gift – Leave a gift for your neighbor on their porch. Don’t tell them who it is from.

I hope you got some great ideas from this post and will have a wonderfully Merry Christmas. Wish me luck with my bucket list, I’m already behind, but I’m going to keep trying 😊

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