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Book Club Questions

1. Are there any quotes or passages from the book that stood out to you and why? What did you like or not like about them? How did they impact you personally?

2. Why do you think Laura chose not to tell anyone about her abuse? Do you think she made the wrong choice? What difference would it have made, if any? How would you handle her situation?

3. What experiences did you have in middle school? Could you relate to Laura’s experiences?

4. What personality traits do you think Laura acquired throughout the book because of her past?

5. How is womanhood explored throughout the novel? How does Laura navigate her years into womanhood? Do you think she could have done anything differently?

6. Discuss Laura’s relationship with Tom? How does he help her heal? How does he understand Laura? Is Tom a good partner for Laura? Why or why not?

7. Discuss your feelings for Uncle Max? What kind of person was he? How did he impact not just Laura’s life but Susie’s and Aunt Penny’s lives?

8. What do you think life was like for Susie and Aunt Penny? Did they know what was going on? Were they victims themselves?

9. Do you think Laura got her justice? She forgives Uncle Max for what he did to her, how did this make you feel? Would you have done the same thing? Why or why not? How you would have addressed Uncle Max if you were in Laura’s shoes?

10. Were you surprised by any parts of the book? If so which parts and why?

11. Who would you cast in the movie The Secrets We Conceal?

12. If you could talk to the author, what questions would you ask?

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