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A Morning In The Life of SR Fabrico

Typical…meaning showing the characteristics expected of or popularly associated with a particular person situation or thing. Life…as in the existence of an induvial human being or animal.

Interesting…I am not sure any morning is typical, insert thinking emoji! I guess there are some typical things that I do, like coffee for example. I will wake up 3 hours early just so I can sit outside and listen to the birds while drinking my morning brew. The morning, alone with the birds is a great way to clear my head and start the day. I breath the aroma of my freshly brewed coffee and think about what I am grateful for in that moment.

After I have had a few sips and my eyes are fully open I start to read. I read lots of different things, it depends on my mood that day. I will catch up the world news, local news, writing tips, marketing tips, you name it, I read about it. For my day job I study social media marketing trends or email blast marketing trends. My brain is constantly going, and I like to fill it with just about any piece of knowledge I can get my hands on. As an author, you can never ready too many articles about Amazon keywords.

After I’ve had my fill of coffee, usually 2 cups, I check to make sure my kiddos are up for school and let my dogs out. Usually, Andi, Ollie, and Angel are strolling down the steps right on cue, ready to greet the morning dew on the grass. Ollie will do jump circles in the kitchen to receive his greenie. A dental treat that all the dogs love.

What happens from here is anyone’s guess. The house is alive, kids and the husband are moving and shaking trying to start there day. We work together to get everyone off to school and work. My husband and I find a moment to discuss the activities of the day and who is doing what and we are off.

What is your typical day like? What are you grateful for? Most importantly…what is your favorite coffee?

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