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My Firefly Journal

52 weeks of gratitude, reflection, and LIGHT!

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Be present in the moment. Be intentional with your thoughts. Be grateful and reflect on the moments of each day. Celebrate your womanhood and let your light shine.

My Firefly Journal will assist you in learning more about yourself. The act of journaling helps you discover inner peace through gratitude and reflection. Acknowledging on paper what’s important in life helps you more deeply appreciate relationships and experiences.

This 52-week guided journal for women will help you:
• Create the positive habit of journaling
• Write statements of affirmation
• Find time for yourself
• Celebrate your accomplishments
• Reflect and learn

My Firefly Journal also includes:
• Seasonal bucket lists
• Gratitude prompts
• Gratefulness prompts
• Weekly inspirational quotes
• Affirmations

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